I am a PhD Economist and (currently) a Data Scientist for People Strategy and Analytics at Capital One. I love applying my ML and econometric skillset to provide stucture, insight, and analysis to fairly open-ended business problems. When I am not working, I am either spending time with my family or working on side projects (which can vary over time). I have started to use my skills to help out in environmental justice projects. I have recently compiled and submitted a demographic report of the area where the Green Ridge Landfill will be built that outlines potential environmental injustice. A copy of that most recent report can be found here.

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    ["causal inference", "machine learning", "programming", 
     "data visualization", "soccer", "esports"]

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    ["python", "javascript (d3.js)", "spark",
     "R", "stata", "git", "LaTeX", "SQL"]

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      "email": "joempatten@gmail.com",
      "linkedin": "joepatten"

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I have been working on visualizing data in d3.js - which I mostly use at my job (and thus cannot be shown here). I believe that there is a lot of unrealized value that comes from (creative) data visualization. The following link contains a visualization showing how rankings in the FBS (college football) have changed over the first few weeks of the 2019 season.


Below are some selected non-work projects that I have recently worked on.

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