I am a 5th year Economics PhD student and Computer Science MS student at Washington State University. I have personally designed this website (most of it is not based on a template), so enjoy! Use the sidebar to explore my site!

    > Joe.interests
    ["econometrics", "machine learning", "programming", 
     "data visualization", "soccer", "esports"]

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    ["python", "javascript (d3.js)", "spark",
     "R", "stata", "git", "LaTeX", "SQL"]

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      "email": "joseph.patten@wsu.edu",
      "github": "joepatten",
      "linkedin": "joepatten"

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I have been working on visualizing data in d3.js. The following link contains a visualization showing how rankings in the FBS have changed over the weeks.


Below are some selected projects that I have recently worked on in an academic setting or in my free time. I am currently working on a few of projects that are not listed below, which include: using collaborative filtering (using big data frameworks and techniques) on Amazon data to analyze co-purchasing trends, using d3.js to make a "graph theorist's sketchpad", and analyzing the effect of competitive balance on match viewership in Esports.

What Else I'm Doing