Master's Math Bootcamp 2019


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The Assignment will be posted here. I will also post solutions to the assignment and final exam.

Description Due Date Assignment Key
Linear Algebra and Derivatives August 12 Assignment 1 Assignment 1 Key
Summer 2019 Mathcamp August 13 Final Exam Final Exam Key

Course Outline

Below I have provided a tentative schedule. Dates as well as topics are subject to change depending on the pace of the course, as well as what I think should be covered.

Week 1 (August 5-August 9)

Date Topics Readings Assignments
5 Linear Algebra S&B 6-7
6 Calculus (derivatives) S&B 1-2
7 Unconstrained Optimization S&B 17
8 Constrained Optimization S&B 18
9 Calculus (integration, chain rule) S&B 4, Appendix A4

Week 2 (August 12-14)

Date Topics Readings Assignments
12 Assignment 1 due
13 Final Exam from 1-2 PM No Notes

S&B ~ Simon & Blume text